Captain cool turns 36!

Legends are born in July seems to hold right as our captain cool is a July born! Indian Cricket Team’s most successful Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni turns 36! And he is young as 16 yet! The journey from being a Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur railway station to an amazing Indian Cricket team captain, was not easy. But it was MSD! You can expect the unexpected.


The former Indian Cricket Captain’s life has always been inspiring. Whether it is on field or off the field, Dhoni has always been the best. That brings me to the topic, lets focus on few motivating things related to this July born!

  1. Dream big : Like everyone Dhoni as a kid had big dreams., which were little out of the box for a middle class boy. But Dhoni was sure on his goals. And the rest is histoy. Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni-Childhood-pictures-2-296x300
  2. Never giving up spirit : Dhoni had a fixed job of TTE in the Kharagpur Railway Station, but the small town boy never let his passion for cricket die. He used to practice after job and made sure he is best at it, even when he knew he had very less chance of being a professional cricketer. Dhoni-Rare-Pic-Cinema65.com_
  3. Failure is the stepping stone to success : The wicket-keeper batsman made his ODI debut against Bangladesh in 2004, and was run out on the first ball. And now Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the only captain in the world who has lifted three different ICC trophies– the 50-over World Cup (2011), T20 World Cup (2007), and Champion Trophy (2013) . 5-639x329-03Apr11
  4. Take some risky decisions : a.When a clever decision to remove his right-hand glove proved to be a masterstroke. b. 2007 ICC World T20 final: When MS Dhoni asked Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over. and many more to count on.. Do what is actually right and not what people think is right!

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  5. Chase you dreams but have a Hobby : Dhoni is known for his passion for motorcycles and currently owns over 20 bikes and counting. So what do we call him – Biker Cricketer or Cricketer Biker?Dhoni
  6. Aiming high, working smart and being with Family : Yes Dhoni is a super cool daddy and a wonderful Hubby! [Wife : Sakshi Dhoni, Daughter Ziva]! He knows how to have a work-life balance. We, Software Engineers need to learn this from the Ranchi boy!ms-dhoni-sakshi-dhoni-ziva
  7. Har ek friend zaruri hota hai : Though he is World Famous, Dhoni is still in contact with his old friends, who were a support to him during his struggles. Freinds like Family!The-true-bond-of-friendship-never-changes-M-S-Dhoni-and-his-friends-in-this-heart-warming-McDowell_s-No-1-Soda-ad-1
  8.  Love for the country : The cricket icon of India has got the place in Indian army. Territorial Army has given the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel to M. S. Dhoni. He got this rank in the parachute regiment of the Indian army.

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Now Mahi has one more triumph in his bucket – A movie is made on his life – Do watch it if you haven’t yet! movieee

Write your bithday wishes [Belated] to Dhoni on his twitter account  : Dhoni

And you can let me know about the article, by tweeting to me Sameera Shairali 😉


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