Two global superstars – One stage!

Yes! Brad Pitt is on a global tour to promote his movie “War Machine”, stopped in India and met the King of Bollywood. The two artists shared same stage and discussed about movies and the many alterations and metamorphosis between Hollywood and Bollywood. This visit of Brad was kept secretive. No announcement about visiting India was made. Everything was carried out in a mysterious way. The discussion was kept private and only few of the Media people were invited.

He was in a panel discussion with Rajeev Masand and Shah Rukh Khan, to promote his film War Machine. They spoke about picking passion projects, keeping up the pressures and also of being passionate about filmmaking.


War Machine – The first big-budget Hollywood movie on Netflix will be released on May 26. Pitt plays a US General posted in Afghanistan. The movie is directed by David Michod, fame of ‘Animal Kingdom’ , the Netflix Original film is inspired by the book ‘The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan’ by late journalist Michael Hastings.

Out of the many things SRK and Brad discussed, dance was on top. “I wouldn’t make it in Bollywood, I can’t dance,” Brad told Shah Rukh, to which our King replied, “We can make anyone dance, I just spread my arms and do nothing, that’s a step,”


Shahrukh khan also expressed his superfan feeling to Brad Pitt. Badshah revealed that Brad’s film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button was his favourite. “I am a fan of Twelve Monkeys. That’s when I became (Brad Pitt’s) fan,” . Brad looked equally curious to know more about Indian films. “How much time it takes to complete a film in India?” he questioned SRK to which the Bollywood’s king replied, “40 days, and more if there is a problem,”

.Shah Rukh also added that there is a “fear of Hollywood taking over Bollywood” in India. “If we don’t hone up few areas especially script writing, screenplay, marketing, professionalism and technology, we will be taken over by Hollywood,”

images (1)

SRK took this to twitter, added a picture of him along side Brad and captioned that with best wishes to the Hollywood’s megastar and the director of the movie “War Machine”.



Thats all for now! Hoping that King shares Big screen with Pitt just like he shared this stage!


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