Girl in the city!!

Yayyyyy!!!Its been an year. Yes. Its my first work anniversary.!! Alhamdullilah!

Dated : 29th December 2015  – 29th December 2016

An year of a new beginning. An year filled with loads of highs and lows. An year away from home [though I visit home every month]. An year close to my heart.

First day at work – The day had finally arrived  and I was so anticipated. I still remember the first day. OMG! I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so excited for my first day at work. New place, new faces  and not so new me. Mind juggling with loads of thoughts, hopes and thrill.

I shifted to Bangalore[Bengaluru], though I loved this place and have visited it before during my vacation, this time it was not just a short visit but a long term relation with the city. The city of  dreams [at least for Software Engineers].

This city has taught me a lot of things.  Things which I will remember and cherish for the  rest of my life.  As the saying goes “Experience is the best teacher”, I have had too many different kind of experiences, some good and some bad and some ugly, which has actually affected my life in different ways. I have learnt to be Independent. Yes, this was the first time in 22 years I had moved out of my home, away from Family. Oh! Damn! It was such a tough time for me to get adjusted to this life and to this city.

Emotions keep playing tricks on me, sometimes I feel good to be standing on my own feet, working for myself, earning my bread and sometimes I miss my family and home cooked food. Ufff!! After having the MESSed food, I feel like I can digest any crap.

Though many things have not worked out my way, but that’s okay.  Strong, scared, alone, independent, confused, happy, ambitious and Still on a journey of discovering  myself, exploring  the world, achieving  my dreams and living a life I always wanted, with all my faith in the Almighty Allah. Alhamdullilah for everything! 

This was not planned to be written just that mind full of thoughts and heart  full of  emotions, made the fingers play on key board.

29th December 2016 –  Happy first work anniversary to me!![and to my batchmates] J

And at the end – Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!! 😉


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